Olympic Fever and how a local school has commemorated it!

Olympic tiles

What an awesome Olympics London 2012 is proving to be!  Not only have we managed to build an impressive Olympic Park which hopefully does it’s bit for urban regeneration in the East of London, but we put on a pretty awesome Opening Ceremony which kicked off the games in great style.

As if that was not enough, Team GB has definitely done us proud and seem to be storming many different sports picking up all colours of medals left right and centre in sports where GB traditionally are not strong.  It’s also a great feeling to know many of the medalists are from our region and even from our town – Well done Robbie Grabarz from St. Neots who took Bronze in the High Jump and Louis Smith from Huntingdon who was so so close to the gold but graciously took a silver medal for the Pummel Horse.

We have also seen some other awesome GB athletes that really do make you feel proud that they are British.  Two ladies that stood out to me, both gaining gold and making Olympic history are Nicola Adams, the first ever Gold for Women’s Boxing and Jade Jones who did a sterling job of scooping gold for Taekwondo – both girls came across so graciously, such lovely girls and they really deserve their medals!

Well done Team GB – you rock and have made us proud!

It was also great watching Bolt get the 200m – it seemed the whole stadium temporarily changed their nationality to Jamaican for that 19 seconds!


One way a local school got their pupils excited about the impending Olympics while also marking this momentus occasions os London 2012 was by painting a tile mural which will become a permanent feature of the school.

The younger children were given a country who are taking part in the Olympics and the older children were given an Olympic sport.  The children then went onto drawing their design on a piece of paper.

Crafty Monkey then went into the school armed with pottery paints, brushes and a stack of tiles and after an explanation about how to paint pottery the children got underway to recreate their drawings onto the tiles and I must say the results were very impressive.

Pre glazed and pre fired tile

Some of the children also painted the Olympic rings onto tiles and London and 2012 on another tile.

Back at the studio, we wrote the name and year of each child on the tile before glazing and putting through the kiln.  The finished tiles were delivered back to the school for an eager DIYer who is on the school PTA to attach the tiles to a board and mount.  This beautiful mural will become a permanent feature of the school to be admired for years to come.

Here’s a picture of some of the tiles put together in the studio – the finished mural is sure to look great!  Spot the tile with Bolt on!

Some of the tiles assembled together before being delivered to the school

Tile murals are great projects we can take into schools, clubs, groups and the theme could be anything.  It really is a great way to mark an occasion!

What idea’s do you have for a mural?

Olympic Fever

Are you getting into the Olympic spirit? We are!

Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives have been announced as three of the places through where the Olympic Flame will be carried as part of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Route and will arrive in Cambridge on 7th July, there’ll be celebrations as part of The Big Weekend on Parkers Piece in the evening before Early the Flame will make its appearance in Trinity College’s Great Court (featured in the Chariots of Fire film) and recreated by Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram in 1988).

Before leaving the torch’s visit to Cambridge would not be complete without a ride on a punt! The Flame will then depart for St Ives and then Huntingdon. At Huntingdon it will be visiting the Olympic Gym – now named Huntingdon Gymnastic Club, which is home to many Olympic hopefuls.  The next stop is Bedford and the flame will be passing by St. Neots so will be within a mile or two of Crafty Monkey!

Check out the Olympic website and local news  for more information.

Are you getting into the Olympic spirit? This week Newton Primary School in Eltisley have been doing just that with all the children painting tiles that once glazed and fired will be put together to make a big tile mural to be displayed in the school as a permanent feature for years to come.

The younger children have painted a flag of a country that will be partaking in the games and the older children have painted an Olympic sport with some children painting the infamous Olympic rings which will make up the centre piece.

The kiln has been working overtime this week to process the tiles and I must say the results are rather impressive and every child that has taken part should be extremely proud of their efforts and what’s great is that perhaps in the future if their children go to Newton school they will be able to marvel on a piece of art their parents created!  Congratulations Newton Primary school on a great project that has really engaged and excited the children.

If you feel inspired by Olympic fever that is sure to build and build over the coming weeks then you could always come to Crafty Monkey and paint your own commemorative pottery piece.  I am planning on painting the above on a plate for the window display so am looking forward to that.

Another way to get your children in the spirit is by letting them make their very own Olympic mascot with our Build a Bear workshops where your child can pick an animal, we have a large range of different animals from Apes to Zebra’s and we will guide them through the making and adoption process – it really is a lot of fun, and includes designing the animal a personalised t-shirt with our fabric pens, we have all the colours of the Olympic rings so maybe that could be the design?

Or if your child has a build a bear already they could always come shopping at Crafty Monkey for a suitable Olympic outfit that most represents the sporting category they are supporting. We have a varied range from Basketball to Karate so your furry friend needn’t miss out on looking the part!

If you really can’t stand the Olympics and you are over it before it has even begun, why not escape for a while. Let the other half hog the TV and come down to the Studio and relax and escape. Our adults only Thursday nights are perfect for that. Why not host an Olympic Widows night? Bring your girly friends and grab a bottle of wine and pop along.

And if you are going to watch the torch relay or are lucky enough to see the Olympics, then please take Charlie, our travelling monkey, with you. I am sure he would enjoy, no wait, I know he would enjoy that very much and we would love to see the pictures of him having fun. Charlie has his own Facebook page where people post pictures of what he’s been up to – Like his page to be kept up to date on his shenanigans! You could even be a Crafty Monkey guest blogger telling us all about the Olympic adventures you and Charlie got up too.

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Olympics?  Or are you even one of the lucky one’s to get tickets?