The Colours of Summer.

The colour of Colour

Well, we’re somewhere in between spring and summer, but somebody really ought to try telling the weather that! Most of us have still got the heating on in the evenings and the factor 30 hasn’t yet been pulled out of the cabinet.

It’s entirely possible that the wonderful outdoorsy inspired pieces that have been painted recently are reflective of the fact that our customers are desperate to enjoy the delights of our green and pleasant land once again.

 Some wonderful pieces of artwork have been produced at Crafty Monkey, including beautiful sunsets, rolling fields and little feathered friends on branches. For those that don’t want to create their own scene- we have plenty of tiles and coasters that are already painted with an outline (so it’s a bit like colouring in with paint!) so people can create floral masterpieces or sunny beach scenes without having to craft their own outlines!

While there’s plenty to bring the outdoors in- we also offer the reverse! We have plant pots, gnomes and birdhouses. All crying out to be embellished with lashings of love and set out into the wild!

If it’s still cold and windy when you read this- why not come along and visit us and we’ll do our best to bring a little sunshine into your life!

Twit Twoo!

Owls for some reason always remind me of Autumn time, as well of course of being wise old things, so are relevant this time of year as new school years have just started and we are heading into Autumn.

At Crafty Monkey we have a large range of owl related pottery. There really are some lovely pieces in the way of ornaments, plant pot holders and cookie jars. If you haven’t seen them you’ll have to pop in as they are very popular and we know you will fall in love with them as much as we did.

Before and after our owl pottery has been painted and fired.

Latest going’s on…

Blimey, where do I start?  Maybe if I updated my blog regularly I wouldn’t then have 101 things to say each time I go to write an update.

Lots going on at Crafty Monkey at the moment and I’ve been working on putting together some great new workshops that I hope will be popular.

New workshops introduced this week are:

Ceramic Painting Workshops

Project One - Chequers and Hearts


This will hopefully run on a regular basis and we hope to create a friendly and fun group where you can get together on a monthly basis and learn new techniques for pottery/ceramics painting or even try pottery painting out for the first time.  It will be a different project each time so you can just do the projects you fancy.  It will be a two hour instructor led class and you will be guided through the steps to get to the final design.  No artistic talent or pottery painting experience is needed and you can simply follow the steps or let loose your creative flair and personalise the piece to your taste.

In our first workshop which is on Thursday 10th March at 7pm, you will be painting a mug, plate or bowl with the design shown in the picture, obviously you can customise it by using your favourite colours and change the heart into another shape to suit your taste.   The workshops will be run on Thursday evenings.  Book your space now on the workshop.

The mug in the picture was painted by one of our customers Othelia after she consulted our design books to get idea’s.  The mug has not yet been glazed and fired so the results will be a lot shinier when complete.

If you have never painted pottery before then I highly recommend you come down and try it out as it is incredibly enjoyable while being relaxing and therapeutic.  It’s also a great way to spend quality time with friends and partners.

If you have a group of people who would like a bespoke or workshop then we can put on workshops for your group.  We can also do team building workshops.

Card Making and Paper Craft Lessons

Card Making and Papercrafts

Introducing another new workshop to Crafty Monkey.  Card making and paper crafting has become increasingly popular over the past few years.  You only need to go into the crafts section in Tesco’s or other big retailers to see how their craft section has grown. While you would think card making seems to be a fairly simple craft that you can learn yourself at home, there are a variety of specialties within this fun hobby and lots of techniques to learn.  This class will look at perhaps the more elaborate one of a kind cards you could make and also other items you can make with card and paper such as small gift bags.

If you fancy your hand at card making or currently make your own but want to learn some new skills or perhaps meet like minded people to share ideas then this class is for you.  There will be different projects each month kicking off with a card and gift bag that would be suitable to give mum on Mother’s day – this is just an idea and you can use for whatever purpose you want.  This class will take place at Crafty Monkey Pottery Painting and Craft Studio at 7pm on Thursday 24th March and will cost £12 for a two hour session.  All materials included. Book your place now!

New workshops that I hope to launch soon so watch this space:

Cupcake Decorating

Really Wild Workshop

Fancy Pants – personalise a pair of knickers (great fun for a girly night out or hen do idea!)

Felt Flowers

And there’s more but you’ll have to keep checking back or why not subscribe to the Crafty Monkey Newsletter and we will update you with the wonderful new workshops we launch.  We promise not to bombard you with emails and generally email out about once or twice a month.

Until next time…

Chrissy the Crafty Monkey!